Discussions are held at 7:15 PM in a lodge dinning room around a Festive Board
to promote unity and equality.
Dinner is served at 6:30 PM for $10pp and the favor of an RSVP is requested so that the organizers can order food accordingly as the group is not financed by any lodge.
Reservations can be made by emailing 2mdBookClub@Gmail.com
Reservations are preferred but not required
The forum is meant to be a casual discussion of Masonic ideas and promote the sharing of different opinions.  It is restricted to Master Masons Only so that discussions have the freedom to flow to any of the degrees and their symbolism.
This forum is a casual discussion among brethren seeking further Light in Masonry through reading and discussing masonic concepts, topics, thoughts and ideas and is open to all Master Masons.  It is not a group to debate ideas rather to provide a forum to encourage different perspectives.  The groups name merely reflects its geographical location and does not imply that it is sanctioned or endorsed by any Masonic body or authority.  The Second Masonic District Book Club is not a recruiting tool for any allied, appendant, associated, or auxiliary entity.  The views expressed by the authors and members are not necessarily those shared by the group’s organizers.