Why a Masonic Discussion Group?

Position Statement

The question was recently raised at an instillation “how is the Book Club different from AMD (Allied Masonic Degrees) and other Masonic Research Bodies.  We believe there are several differences and would like to highlight them for you here:


  • AMD is an invitational body and is open to York Rite masons only.
    The 2nd Masonic district Book Club (2MD Book Club) is open to all Master Masons in good standing from any jurisdiction recognized by The Grand Lodge of NJ.


  • AMD has attendance requirements as well as annual dues.
     The 2nd MD Book Club has no attendance requirements, Brothers can attend every meeting or none at all, and the enlightenment and exposure to the material is our charge.  Additionally there are no fees or annual dues but simply the cost of dinner should you wish to break bread with us prior to the discussion.  Your dues to your mother lodge makes you an active mason and there are no other expenses for fellowship that warrant assessing a fee to receive further light in our advancement in knowledge and virtue.
  •  AMD is a body with a hierarchal structure that meets in a tyled lodge.
    While there are “organizers or moderators” there is no LEADER and there are no titles at the 2nd MD Book Club.  We meet in a lodge building, However we do not meet in a tyled lodge. There is a prayer at the beginning of the meeting (as we are instructed in the EA charge “in imploring his aid in all your laudable undertakings”) there is no RITUAL associated with our meetings.  We simply are a group of brothers with a mutual interest in masonic light, meeting on the level and learning from one another. 
  • In AMD there is a requirement to present a paper within the first year and one paper every two years thereafter.
    There are no requirements of any kind at the 2nd MD Book Club.  Be that either attendance or in preparing/presenting any type of paper or presentation. While reading of the material to be covered at any given meeting is encouraged it IS NOT required.
  • At AMD original papers prepared by the presenting brother are presented.
    At the 2MD Book Club we look at literature (with a couple of notable exceptions) that are considered the “solid foundation upon which the institution of Freemasonry is erected.” Each brother has the opportunity to share his insights, opinions and thoughts on that work. It is in this way that we are given the opportunity to be exposed to new perspectives and opinions and to learn from one another (A list of works covered at the book Club can be found at the bottom of this page.)  By exposing everyone to the same resource a meaningful and educated discussion takes place that dissects and interprets the document and members have an opportunity to research supplemental sources and share them with the group.We are not endorsed by any masonic body or entity.
    The 2nd Masonic district Book Club travels to various lodges and other masonic events.

i.e. Masonic week, Masonic Restoration Foundation’s Annual Symposium,
New Jersey Grand Lodge Events, New Jersey LORE