November 2013 Discussion – “The Master’s Book” by Bro. Carl Claudy

Tuesday November 19th Fidelity Lodge No 113,
99 South Maple Avenue, Ridgewood

Please RSVP to for Dinner at 6:30PM, $10pp
The Master’s Book – Carl Claudy PDF

Download Amazon Kindle eBook – .mobi
Tablet eBook – .epub
Audio Book .mp3

Discussion starts at 7:15PM
Dress:  Casual Attire
Master Masons Only


“A railroad engine is a potent tool for wise use, but who would ride in a train pulled by a locomotive at the throttle of which was a ten-year-old child. A book of matches may kindle the fire which cooks our food or destroys a forest. A thirty-eight calibre revolver may defend one’s country or commit a murder. Power is constructive only when used with knowledge. The Master who does not know his powers cannot use them intelligently. The Master who knows what he may and may not lawfully do will lead with wisdom, discretion and success.”