Sep 5, 2013

September Discussion Tuesday 9/10 6:30 PM Fidelity Lodge $10pp

September Discussion Tuesday 9/10 6:30 PM Fidelity Lodge $10pp

2nd Masonic District Book Club & Discussion Forum
Born in Blood must be one of the most well researched book on Freemasonry that I have ever read. The author, John J. Robinson was NOT a Freemason when he began his research and writing quest, and was given completely open access to the Freemason library to complete his research on the single condition that he write a “fair and accurate” depiction of the Freemasons.

I believe he accomplished just that. Although John Robinson does tend to ramble at times and often makes the same points repeatedly, the book is a quality product and deserves to be seen as such. His theories on the origins of Freemasonry and the history of the fraternity are not only well researched and documented, but very likely true.

This book is an excellent resource and I highly recommend it to anyone that would like to learn about the history of the Freemasons. I believe it speaks volumes that John J. Robinson’s last request was to be made a Mason and given a proper Masonic Funeral service
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This forum is a casual discussion among brethren seeking further Light in Masonry through reading and discussing masonic concepts, topics, thoughts and ideas and is open to all Master Masons.  It is not a group to debate ideas rather to provide a forum to encourage different perspectives. The groups name merely reflects its geographical location and does not imply that it is sanctioned or endorsed by any Masonic body or authority.  The Second Masonic District Book Club is not a recruiting tool for any allied, appendant, associated, or auxiliary entity.  The views expressed by the authors or members are not necessarily those shared by the group’s organizers
If industry and zeal attend your labors, you may gather beneath the veil of our mysteries additional treasures of science and knowledge” (Fellowcraft Degree)

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